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Junzo Terada’s Animals Have Taken Over The Office!

An eclectic herd of Junzo Terada’s brightly colored and patterned 3D animals lives in the Chronicle office. Fish swim on desks, kangaroos prepare to hop from bookshelves, and lions relax on filing cabinets. What are they you ask? In Junzo Terada’s latest kit, Creative Creatures, he asks you to team up with him by coloring in and building ten pre-patterned animals. These charming punch-out animal sculptures are a perfect way to harness your crafty side, no matter your age.

Simply color your animal of choice and put the pieces together. But don’t let your creativity stop there. There is an array of possibilities for your versatile and unique creations. As decorative accents, they add flair to desks, bookshelves, lockers, and dashboards. You can even string them together to make original ornaments, mobiles, or garlands. Use the creatures to add a fun and personal touch to a party for grown-ups or kids! Write your guests’ names on your creations and the figures become cheerful place cards for your dinner party – and personalized party favors if you let your guests take them home!

The kit also includes ten corresponding patterned mailing envelopes that fit the animal templates. If you’re dealing with a particularly crafty bunch of pals, why not send the blank template along with the invitation? Ask them to make their own creatures and bring them along to the party so that everyone can admire their unique creations adorning the dinner table.

How would you use Junzo Terada’s Creative Creatures? Tell us below for a chance to win a kit!

Alyson Pullman

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