Literary Cat Mews

Here at CBHQ, we’ve gone a little cat-crazy in the spirt of our New York Times bestseller, I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats.

A while back, we hosted the #LiteraryCat Photo Contest and were thrilled by the photos of stunningly literary kitties that were submitted. Check out the three winning photos, also featured on the Chronicle Books and Literary Cats Tumblrs.

By Fredospot from Instagram

By Amparker34 from Instagram

By Alison_face from Instagram

We also held a poetry contest, where our cats could compete for the title of most purr-fect poet. Read on for the winning poems by the cats of Chronicle Books.

Buddy Algar

1st Place:

Cat poem by Buddy Algar (submitted by Liza Algar)
From slumber wake,
I lick my paw
And comb across my chiseled jaw.

Behind my ears and furry brow
But what disturbs my grooming now?

Oh great, they’ve come to where I am,
to snap another Instagram.

Runners Up:

We Put a Hit Out on Your Life (submitted by Ali Presley)
We put a hit out on your life.
Nothing to worry about.
Oh, you didn’t know about our Sicilian uncle?
Yes, such a dear. Always willing to help.

We put a hit out on your life.
Why did you double-cross us?
Why did you hide the food in the cabinet and switch to the diet stuff?
Because of some “doctor”? Pshaw.

We put a hit out on your life.
We put a hit out on your life.
Pardon us…is that Fancy Feast?
You are forgiven.

For now.
For now.
For now.
For…more please.

The Reward (submitted by Anna-Lisa Sandstrum)
You feed me,
and give me shelter, with a warm, safe place to sleep
You love me,
And pet and brush me
And I reward you
By showing your friends more affection
than I show


Covet me who is thee (submitted by Nicole Ojeda)
Covet me who is thee, sorry ’bout the allergy.
Ya really didn’t mind last year when you were nine…
those huge scary hives, crusty hankies and swollen eyes.
Don’t worry when kids tease, when you get home we’ll have a squeeze.
Hey, did you ace that test ’cause you seemed to get a lot of rest?
Those pills you take everyday seem to almost keep the achoos away.

For more Literary Cat fun, follow our Literary Cats board on Pinterest!

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