Ebooks, They’re Not Just for Novels Anymore

When you think “ebook,” you probably think of novels—or maybe even nonfiction books like dense World War II histories or business books. Certainly text-heavy books were the first to be translated into digital but thanks to improvements in ereading devices and ebook formats, today you can find nearly any type of book in a digital format.

In fact, here at Chronicle we have a goal to publish all of our new titles in both print and digital. Heavily illustrated and custom fonts? No problem. Tons of stunning photos? Bring it! We’re learning to translate even the most design-heavy works into gorgeous ebooks. And this month marks the publication of two very exciting examples of this very trend: Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones and True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps.

The print versions of both books are gorgeous so the bar was very high. Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones includes hundreds of set photos, production and costume designs, storyboards, and insider stories revealing how the show’s creators translated George R. R. Martin’s best-selling fantasy series into the world of Westeros. True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites has recipes from unforgettable scenes, each introduced by True Blood’s most compelling characters, and a total of 85 authentic bayou country recipes and 150-plus photos from the series to give fans a big taste of Bon Temps.

Working very closely with HBO, our team successfully translated each into digital. In the ebook of Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones, users can double click on photos and expand them on their screens. And thanks to new high-definition displays, the behind-the-scenes shots of the world of Westeros look incredibly vivid and rich. Here are a few screenshots for you.

In the digital version of True Blood: Eats, Drinks, and Bites from Bon Temps, home chefs can click on links in the Table of Contents and throughout the text to easily jump from recipe to recipe. And all the fun photos from the show are included. A quick double-click and each will expand to full size on your screen. Here’s a sneak peek of the digital version.

Want to give one of these cutting-edge ebooks a test drive? Leave a comment below listing your favorite character on either show (or both!) and you’ll be entered to win a free download from the iTunes store of either book. I’ll choose one winner for each book.

Both free books will be the iBookstore versions.

Ali Presley
Online Marketing Manager

Alison Presley

I’m in charge of online strategy at the fabulous Chronicle Books. When not reading, marketing, writing, or thinking about books, I enjoy outdoor adventures. I eat more chocolate than is strictly advised.
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