From the Design Desk: Surrounded by pretty things, all year long

With December’s arrival and holiday shopping upon us, my calendar-hunting season has officially begun. While digital applications have almost entirely replaced “I’ll pencil you in” as my primary scheduling tool (sadly, I have yet to find a wall calendar that will synchronize with my Google Cal), physical calendars still hold a coveted place in my home.

I traditionally keep one in the bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one at the office as quick at-a-glance references to keep me oriented while the days, weeks, and months fly by. In addition to keeping me organized, I find that calendars are also the perfect way to surround myself with a beautiful, ever-changing collection of artwork all year long.

I love seeing the different ways artists choose to work with the space of a calendar, balancing the functionality of the quick-reading monthly grid with the visual impact of the featured artwork. In spite of the digital age, calendars are still an effective, functional way for an artist to showcase their work, and I love seeing the offerings each year—the biggest problem is committing to just one (or, in my case, maybe three)!

Below are just a few of the artists’ calendars I’m coveting for 2013 and some of the reasons I found them so charming:

Stitch the Stars by The Curiosity Shoppe
Calendar of the Month project by Scout Creative
Waterspouts and Chimney Tops perpetual calendar by Chronicle Books (image via upon a fold)

These interactive calendars do call for a bit of work, but I think it would be exciting to have a new little project to complete each month! I also love this sweet perpetual calendar that makes you actively acknowledge each day’s passing—and as a bonus, it can be used for many years to come.

Perpetual Harvest by Claudia Pearson
Quilt Calendar by Linda & Harriett
Cities Calendar by Rifle Paper Co.

These gorgeous selections are my top picks for a year of fantasizing about the things I want to eat, the places I want to visit, and the dreamy things I want to surround myself with.

Little Foxes and Little Bears calendars, Gingiber
Mini Gallery calendar, dekanimal
Letterpress calendar, 1canoe2

In my opinion, the importance of the cuteness factor cannot be overstated. Sometimes all it takes is a sweet, colorful illustration (cute animals are a bonus!) to make me feel at home. I also love this 1canoe2 calendar—I would keep it at my office desk and dream of lazy summer camp days all year long!

2013 Calendar by Laura Brown
Geometry by Paper Boat Studios

Simple, minimal artwork. I love these bold shapes and simple colors, and I think either one of these would make a beautiful and tasteful addition to any space.

Hillary Caudle
Lifestyle Design

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