Holiday Gifts for Music Lovers

As long-time Chronicle collaborators, we were both honored and excited when asked to contribute a guest post with gift ideas for the 2012 holiday season.

For the sake of brevity, here’s a short introduction to who we are: We are the founders of Yellow Bird Project a.k.a. YBP (band t-shirts designed for charity) and (an online vinyl store). Our proudest achievement to date, however, is having published three books in the last four years, all within the home of Chronicle Books.

From one music lover to the next, we offer to you 12 of our favorite, most affordable gifts for the holiday season. Cheers!

12. Jay Reatard: Better Than Something box set

Jimmy Lee Lindsay, better known as Jay Reatard, was quite possibly one of the most prolific artists of our generation. Within his very short life he caught everyone’s attention with his raw talent and his impressive evolution. He filled the roles of songwriter, guitarist and record label founder while creating music with several different bands all within the span of fourteen short years. The Better Than Something box set includes Better Than Something: Jay Reatard on DVD, a 14 track LP on vinyl of Jay Reatard rarities including 13 unreleased songs, and a 50 page 12″ book. This box set is perfect for a Jay Reatard fan, but it is also perfect for someone who is a music junkie and is unfamiliar with Jay’s master’s work.
$38 at Factory Twentyfive

11. Beck’s Song Reader

Here at YBP, we are all about the vinyl revival—we’re a bunch of nostalgists. However, Beck took it one step further. For his newest project, Beck has released his album in the form of sheet music. Yes, you read that right. Drawing inspiration from years when music was shared and played together, Beck hopes to hear different versions of the same song sung around the world. You can purchase the sheet music for twenty unrecorded and unreleased songs, along with full-color, heyday-of-home-play-inspired art for each song. Check out the song reader website and see the different versions of Beck’s first ‘single’ Old Shanghai.
$50 at Song Reader

10. Spotify Premium Membership

Instead of bulking up your hard drive with all your downloaded songs, join Spotify and you’ll have access to millions of tracks. No brainer. Spotify also allows you to make playlists and share them with your friends either through the application or your Facebook page. The Premium Membership includes seamless streaming, no advertisements, and full mobile experience through your iPhone or android. We at YBP love sharing music through Spotify. You can keep up with our latest playlist here: YBP recommends…
$9.99 at Spotify

9. Illustrated Song Posters

Barbara Ana Gomez is a Spanish illustrator (and YBP collaborator) currently residing in London. You absolutely must check out Barbara’s exquisite non-commissioned song title posters. She has created individual illustrations based on different songs by the likes of Death Cab for Cutie, Bon Iver and The National. It is the perfect wall art for any music collector or music fan.
$25.60 at Illustrated Songs

8. Classic YBP Logo Hoodie

Although those brightly knitted Christmas sweaters do have their own kitschy charm, it’s always good to switch things up a bit. Enter our Official YBP Hoodie. While keeping warm you’re rocking the Yellow Bird Project logo and helping promote us and the all of the charitable organizations we support.
$45 at Yellow Bird Project

7. Portable Crosley Vinyl Player

Any music lover knows that good music sounds better on vinyl. To quote Lucas from the movie Empire Records, “many people say that it [vinyl] doesn’t make a difference, but I say that it’s the difference that makes it.” Here at YBP we couldn’t agree more and that is one of the reasons we launched, an online independent record store. The first step to enjoying vinyl is to get setup with a turntable. The Portable Crosley Vinyl Player has a sleek design and, as mentioned in the title, it’s portable. Sharing the beauty of vinyl has never looked better.
$129.95 at

6. This is Christmas: Emmy the Great & Tim Wheeler (CD)

British singer songwriter Emmy the Great (Emma-Lee Moss) and Northern Irish Britpop rocker Tim Wheeler have a long history of collaborations. Last winter they released This is Christmas, a must have Christmas album for any and all indie music fans. YBP is a big fan of Emmy the Great, which is why they approached her this year to design a charity tee. Check out her Pulp Comic-inspired charity tee, which is being sold to raise money for a very worthwhile cause. Check out track Home for The Holidays from the album here.
$21.64 at

5. Blur: box set (Vinyl)

This celebrated British band has been a staple in the alternative music scene since the early nineties. Defining a genre that later became known as ‘Britpop’ and later reinventing themselves out of the confines of the label they initially created, Blur has demonstrated the tenacity of a truly innovated group. Celebrate their achievements and listen in awe of their catalogue with the Blur box set. The set contains: double-disc reissues of all of their seven studio albums, four discs of unreleased material, and three DVDs.
$193.98 at

4. Broken Social Scene – Forgiveness Rock Records Box Set (Vinyl)

Being a Canadian organization we have to rep the hometown pride. Broken Social Scene (BSS) is a Canadian indie super-group that, since 2005, has worked as an example Canada’s musical creativity around the globe. With their baroque and bold approach to contemporary music, BSS has seemed to pull the very best from each of its numerous members—Leslie Feist, Emily Haines, Jason Collett and Amy Milan are just some of the participating members—in this collective. The box set contains seven LPs from the group’s ever evolving line-up. The songs on these albums can, in a way, tell the story of Canadian indie pop within the past seven years.
$130.98 at

3. Rodriguez—Searching For Sugar Man – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Vinyl)

Searching For Sugar Man is the soundtrack of the documentary directed by Malik Bendjelloul. This double album sets the background of the story of an American-born folk singer songwriter, Rodriguez, whose fame seemed to have petered out in the seventies. Fast forward to South Africa in the late nineties and two men are on a quest to find Rodriguez. Rodriguez’s anti-establishment storytelling had resonated with many liberal minded Africans and Afrikaners during the climax of the apartheid. Unknowingly gaining a massive following half a world away, Rodriguez was sought out twenty years after his brief stint with fame.
$26.98 at

2. The Shane tee, photographed by Megan McIsaac

This very meta t-shirt is from our Yellow Bird Gold collection. We’ve collaborated with top illustrators, and in this case photographer, to bring you a collection that focuses on art and fashion while remaining true to the Yellow Bird spirit. Taken by Megan Kathleen McIsaac, a Los Angeles based photographer, this t-shirt is one of our newer designs and has been very popular so far—don’t miss out!
$30 at Yellow Bird Project

1. Daft Punk: framed photograph by Jay Brooks

Despite what every music lover may believe, there is more to being a fan than just owning the music—there’s the art! If your music lover can make space on the walls for some complementary art pieces, we suggest a framed photograph of Daft Punk by Jay Brooks. Available on this piece is hand printed to order and comes with a hand-made solid wood frames. It’s also numbered and certified on the reverse and limited to 495 examples worldwide.
$190 at

And if you’re still looking for ideas, there’s always our Indie Rock publishing!

The Indie Rock Coloring Book

The coloring book features hand illustrated designs by Andy J. Miller, depicting the likes of Iron & Wine, The National, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Rilo Kiley, Devendra Banhart and other indie rock faves.
$9.95 at Chronicle Books

The Indie Rock Poster Book

These 30 11×14 inch prints represent some of the most seminal indie rock songs and tear out seamlessly, making it simple to decorate your walls even share amongst friends.
$24.95 at Chronicle Books

The Indie Rock Button Factory

This fun little kit gives you everything you need to create your very own collection of quirky and awesome buttons/badges/pins—whatever you want to call them. Watch the video here.
$18.95 at Chronicle Books

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