From the Design Desk: In Support of Wood Type

Like most designers and non-designers, we at Chronicle are fans of wood type. We love to use facsimiles of it in our work, collect posters made with it, as well as collect actual pieces of it.

So when we recently heard that Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum is getting displaced from their space, we wanted to help get the word out about their fundraising efforts.

If you’ve never heard of Hamilton, according to their website they are “the only museum dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type.” They are located in Wisconsin, and have been operating as a working museum for 13 years. They offer workshops in letterpress printing, exhibitions and tours. For all you students out there, you might want to check out their internships. For all you artists and printers, you might want to check out their residencies. I, for one, love the idea of getting off the computer and hanging out with some giant wooden ampersands for a couple months!

A wonderful documentary, Typeface, was made in 2009 about the Hamilton Museum. Click here to see the trailer.

But I digress from the main mission of this post, and that is to encourage you to support Hamilton and the preservation of this venerable institution.

Thank you, fellow lovers of type.

Brooke Johnson
Senior Designer

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