Wedding Week: Event Design Wisdom with Style (+ a FREE project)

We’re thrilled to have author Elizabeth Demos as a guest blogger during Wedding Week. Her new book Vintage Wedding Style is the essential guide to making your special day exactly that—yours! As a wedding designer and stylist, she is an expert at creating one-of-a-kind, magical weddings, and she’s sharing some of her wedding wisdom with us here today.

If I could sum up my greatest bit of design wisdom for every bride and groom planning their wedding I would say “make it anything but cookie cutter.” In a world where everyone is trying to eek out their piece of your wedding budget, and you are being tugged a million different directions, remember to stop the crazy train long enough to be sure “you” are represented in your wedding vision.

I admit it is easy to choose the fast answer, the one that just makes things easier, but the truth is after making 10+ ok decisions means you will have an ok event. But is it really you? Did you really have a say? Did you let your personalities get lost somewhere between the music selections and the centerpieces? Rewind, make lists, talk to one another, and share your favorite colors, favorite places, food, music, and so on. This will help define who the two of you are as a couple and inform all of the decisions you make regarding your wedding day.

As a designer, I relish this sort of information. I love to know how you decorate your house, what sort of work you do, what your favorite dress looks like, how you wear your hair, how you spend your spare time. It’s your story, and when translated into your big day, it is what will make your event different than anyone else’s.

My book Vintage Wedding Style is filled with stories of couples bursting with personality. Every detail of their wedding is an expression of their style: sometimes quirky, sometimes serious, but every time true to their character.

Want to make one of the super cute projects from Vintage Wedding Style a try? Get the full project and instructions for the Collage Paperweights (pictured above) here.

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