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Wedding Week: The Newlywed Cookbook

We’re thrilled to have Sarah Copeland, author of The Newlywed Cookbook, as a guest blogger during Wedding Week. Her book truly helps fulfill the promise of a delicious newlywed life.

The food at my wedding was downright delicious—whole arctic char stuffed with buttery leeks, platters of cheese and charcuterie, vegetables galore, and whole spreads of sweets, but like most brides, I was too buzzing about to eat much of it. By morning, when I woke up a married woman, I was hungry. Instead of gazing lovingly at my husband sleeping soundly beside me, my first thought was biscuits!

I’d written a menu for a biscuit & beigli goodbye brunch for our guests, featuring our two favorite baked goods from our upbringing—biscuits from mine, and beigli—a Hungarian yeasted bread stuffed with walnuts and raisins, from his. Our dear friend Leah had made the beigli for us, but the biscuits were, according to my calculations, in the works at that very moment. I kissed my new husband, told him he’d just married a crazy woman, and headed down to the kitchen at the inn to make sure the bakers got the biscuits’ texture just right. I was taught to make biscuits from my grandmother, whose gentle touch yielded biscuits with buttery, flaky layers every time. For our first day of married life together, everything had to be right—but especially the biscuits.

Despite my husband’s upbringing in central Hungary, he’s a biscuit man, just like my dad. He likes them high and light and plenty of them. That morning they came out just right—tender, flakey and piled high along with slabs of sweet butter and locally made jams to slather over each bite. Five years later, I still make my biscuits first thing on the morning of our anniversary—a sweet reminder of what it felt like to wake up to next to him that first day—though, these days, I linger a little longer, and make the biscuits wait for us.

This version, a savory supper style biscuit from my book, The Newlywed Cookbook, is flavored with cheddar, cornmeal and black pepper. It’s become our go-to for serving with soup or stuffing with ham and greens on an elegant spread. Make them big or bite-sized, but be sure to make them fresh, served hot just minutes from the oven when they are sure to seduce.

Want to make Sarah’s Cheddar Cornmeal Biscuits? Get the full recipe and instructions from The Newlywed Cookbook right here.

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