A DIY Valentine’s Day: Sweet Lollipop Heart Covers

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful excuse to purposefully express our love and appreciation for the special people in our lives—something we really should be doing every day! This February 14th, whether you’re celebrating “Singles Awareness Day” with your buddies, staying in with the family, or spending the evening with a special someone, I wanted to help spread the love by sharing this super-sweet and simple project from the upcoming Party Origami.

Some of us at Chronicle Books had our own crafty afternoon and made Sweet Lollipop Heart Covers, a project from the book. As you can tell, not only does this office have a crafty side, but an ample sweet tooth to go with it!

Upcycler's Craft Coalition Valentine's Origami

We used the 6″ x 6″ origami paper provided in the book, which works perfectly to hold a small, flat lollipop, but you can use any sized square you want. You can also personalize yours by writing a message on the “wrong” side of the paper, so the lucky recipient can unfold it to reveal your hidden note. Any way you choose to make them, these sweethearts are sure to bring a smile and make someone special feel loved!

Have fun folding these for your friends, family, and loved ones, and have a very special Valentine’s Day!

You can find many more DIY party necessities like cake toppers, invitations, and name-card holders, along with other sweet projects for any occasion (and, lots of pretty papers to get you folding!) in Party Origami. Pre-order your copy today!

Hillary Caudle
Publication Design Fellow


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