Dreaming of Sunshine and Crafting

Next month, I’m heading to Ventura, California (new city alert!) for Craftcation, an indie business and DIY conference. There will be business panels, DIY workshops (will I finally learn to sew?), and parties. I’m excited for my trip south for several reasons, not least of which is to meet with creative people bravely going off on their own to do what they love most. It’s a topic that’s inspired me as I’ve worked on several books here at Chronicle, including Blog, Inc. and The Startup Playbook.

At the conference, I’ll also get to speak about craft publishing alongside some exciting names in the biz, including our very own Vintage Craft Workshop author Cathy Callahan. We editors have written on this topic before, so if you can’t join me at the conference, be sure to check out this awesome post for tricks of the trade. Key takeaways: set yourself up for success by doing your research, spending time making your proposal look (in addition to sound) compelling.

Beyond being inspired by savvy businessfolk and creative crafters, I’m hoping to sun it up (though who knows what the weather has in store), and to spend a few days in Los Angeles. I’m already planning to visit the new outpost of one of my favorite San Francisco shops, I’ve been told I must visit Urbanic for some cute stationery, and have an endless list of restaurants to visit (curses to Oh Joy’s amazing food features!). Do you have a favorite store/restaurant/park in LA that I absolutely must go to? Let me know so I can add it to my overloaded Google map.

And if you’re interested in joining me at Craftcation, head over to their site before registration closes on March 1st. I hope to see you there!

Lisa Tauber
Assistant Editor


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  • nicole February 21, 2013 at 8:41 pm

    lisa! we're SO excited to have you at craftcation. thanks for this awesome post. i can't wait to hear your perspective in the 'getting your crafty writing published' panel. -nicole


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