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See Things Differently: Meet Guest Instagrammer, Tina Hardison

Last month, we kicked off a new feature on our Instagram feed: See Things Differently. Every month we’re inviting an employee, author, illustrator, or other collaborator to take over our Instagram account for a week and share their view of the world with our followers. Today, I’m thrilled to hand over the reins to our next Guest Instagrammer, Tina Hardison.

Tina is a designer on our marketing communications team. If you’re a fan of Chronicle, then undoubtedly you’ve seen her work in action. Designing everything from a Maddie on Things Facebook app to retail store window displays to video book trailers, Tina brings our books to life—and to the masses.

Tina Hardison

Name: Tina Hardison
Instagram Handle: @tinamonster
Role at Chronicle Books: Designer on the Marcom Team

Tina Hardison Instagram

Your favorite photo that you’ve Instagrammed: This photo of my co-adventurer in Sedona, Arizona
Your Instagram hero: Definitely @fosterhunting, I live vicariously through his adventures while I’m at work
Your favorite word: Fugazi
Your favorite Chronicle Book: Pictorial Webster’s and DIY Delicious are tied
Your idea of happiness: Drinking cold Chardonnay with friends in warm Wine Country
Where you would like to live: On my bicycle while crossing the country on wheel
Finish this sentence: I can’t stop taking photos of… my adventurer-in-crime @turkeysaygobble

Tina Hardison Instagram

To see what Tina’s posting all this week, follow @ChronicleBooks on Instagram or online at

Guinevere de la Mare
Senior Community Manager

Guinevere de la Mare

Guinevere de la Mare is a writer, book lover, and the founder of Silent Book Club. She lives in San Francisco. She also was the senior community manager at Chronicle Books from 2009-2014.

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