Put Your Stamp On It (a free project excerpt + an awesome giveaway!)

I love a DIY project. That’s why I’m so excited about Put Your Stamp On It, the new book from author Meagan Lewis.

In addition to providing all the information you need to learn how to carve your very own handmade rubber stamps, this book is filled with fun, step-by-step project ideas for creating hand-stamped gift wrap, tea towels, totes, aprons, and even hair accessories. One of my favorites is the charming pencil-printed bow tie hair clip, and we’re sharing the project instructions from the book right here today!

Pencil-Printed Bow Tie Hair Clip

Craft knife
Pencil with a new eraser
Fabric paint
Paper plate
Sponge dauber
Fabric, solid color, at least 6 x 10 in/15 x 25.5 cm
Fabric scissors
Hot glue
Hair clip

Step 1: With the flat edge of the craft knife (not the point), carefully slice a groove about halfway into the eraser. Make about three grooves into the eraser on the pencil for a striped design.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of fabric paint onto the paper plate. Sponge the paint into an even consistency with the dauber. You want the paint to be smoothed out so you can dip the pencil into the paint without paint getting into the grooves cut into the eraser and then bleeding onto the fabric.

Step 3: When you have an even consistency of paint, dab the eraser into the paint and then onto the fabric. Be random with the printing and have fun. Be sure to re-ink the eraser before each print. Let the fabric dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Step 4: Trim fabric into two pieces: 8 x 6 in/20 x 15 cm, and 1½ x 6 in/4 x 15 cm.

Step 5: Fold the smaller fabric piece into thirds lengthwise and secure with two small dots of glue. It’s okay if it does not lay completely flat.

Step 6: Flip the larger piece of fabric over so the unprinted side is face up. Fold the long ends into the center, then the short ends into the center.

Step 7: With your fingers positioned at the top and bottom of the folds, scrunch the fabric together and pick it up, holding the folds in place. You can now see the bow coming together.

Step 8: Take the long folded strip and wrap it around the center of the bow tie. The piece will be much longer than you need. Wrap one side of the strip inward toward the center of the bow.

Step 9: Slide hair clip onto the other extended side of the strip and glue it into place so that the clip is fastened to the center back of the bow.

Step 10: Finish the bow by trimming the strip down to about 1⁄2 in/12.5 mm from the center, then folding it under and gluing it into place. You want to make sure that the strip covers the hair clip and is hidden from the front view of the bow. Once the hot glue dries, your bow is ready to be worn!

Are you ready to Put Your Stamp On It? Leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of the book, plus an amazing Put Your Stamp On It starter kit, complete with a stamp, ink pad, materials to put your stamp on and more! We’ll randomly select a winner on Thursday, May 16.

Purchase Put Your Stamp On It: 20 Adorable Projects Plus Instructions for Hand-Carving Beautiful Stamps.

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