In Memory

The Chronicle community is heartbroken over the loss of one of our beloved authors today. Kathreen Ricketson was an incredibly talented quilter, pillar of the online craft community, inspiring blogger, and devoted wife and mother.

Kathreen dedicated her work to fostering community. As she says in Little Bits Quilting Bee, the craft community is about “learning together, sharing ideas, and helping each other.”

Let’s all continue to be inspired by Kathreen. Let’s make stuff and share it. Learn and connect. Tap into the power of craft and creativity to bring us together.

In the spirit of helping each other, an education fund is being created for Kathreen’s children. Follow along at for more details.

We thank Kathreen for her important contributions to the publishing and craft community. I will remember her for her easy-going attitude, collaborative spirit, and sharp creative vision.

Laura Lee Mattingly
Editor, Lifestyle

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