Grumpy Cat is Coming (You’ve Been Warned)

July is officially the month of Grumpy Cat here at Chronicle Books. Everyone’s favorite frowning feline is determined to wipe that smile off your face, and we’ve got the book to prove it. Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book comes out on July 23rd. To celebrate commiserate, we’re kicking off the grumpiest event of the season with a month full of cranky activities.

Chances are that you’ve already heard of Grumpy Cat. After all, that famous frown has racked up over 1 million likes on Facebook. Grumpy Cat was also a huge hit at our booth at the Book Expo America in New York back in June.

With all this excitement, Grumpy Cat was worried that people were having a little too much fun leading up to the big book launch. What Grumpy Cat wants, Grumpy Cat gets, so we worked together to change every Wednesday in July from “Hump Day” into “Grump Day.” What does that mean? Giveaways, contests, party kits, e-cards, and even the chance to win some grumpy goodies right now. Just leave a comment with your favorite Grumpy Cat saying or link to the funniest Grumpy Cat meme for a chance to win a paw-tographed copy of the book, plus a Grumpy Cat inspired poster, button, temporary tattoos and more. (Open to US residents only. A winner will be randomly selected on July 23rd).

As if a month of Grumpy Days wasn’t enough to put a gray cloud over your entire July, here’s a special sneak peak at Grumpy Cat’s upcoming book.

The not-fun kicks off today, with multiple miserable milestones leading up to the release of Grumpy Cat: A Grumpy Book on July 23rd. Check back every Wednesday to get grumpy with us.

Wynn Rankin
Associate Editor

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