Chronicle Craft: Sweet Woodland Creatures DIY

I’m so excited about Sweet Paper Crafts, the brand new book from author Mollie Greene. The book is filled with fun, easy paper projects, and one of my favorites is the Woodland Creatures. I can’t wait to make these friendly little paper friends for my nephew, but I’ll definitely be keeping one for myself. (NOTE: These are great for children who are old enough to play responsibly with a wired object). I hope you’ll give these happy puppets a try!

Glue stick
Paper for backing
Record jacket front or back
Woodland Party Puppets templates
Scissors for cardboard
Contrasting paper for accessories
Scissors for paper
Wire cutters
20-gauge straight stick floral wire
1-in/2.5-cm circle punch
Liquid glue

1. Using the glue stick, adhere your chosen backing paper to the wrong side of the record jacket. Allow to dry for about 10 minutes.

2. Download the Woodland Party Puppets templates. Using the pencil, trace the deer, bear, squirrel, fox, and rabbit tem-plates on the paper-covered jacket. Cut out the shapes with cardboard scissors. Be careful to cut inside the pencil lines so that you don’t have to erase them later.

3. Trace the two crown templates, two party hat templates, and two bow tie templates on contrasting paper. Cut out with the paper scissors. Decide which creatures will wear which accessories and glue them in place with the glue stick. Allow to dry for about 10 minutes.

4. To provide added support for the puppets, cut a small rectangular piece of record jacket to fit the back of each creature. It should be as large as possible without being seen from the front. Glue in place with the glue stick.

5. Using the wire cutters, cut five 9-in/23-cm pieces of floral wire. With the circle punch, punch five paper circles, one for each pup-pet. Dot a small amount of liquid glue on the small rectangle on the back of each creature. Place one end of a piece of wire in the glue. Using the glue stick, apply glue to a paper circle and place it on top of the liquid glue and the end of the wire. Press to secure. Allow to dry for about an hour before handling the puppets.

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