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Pantone Notebooks for Every Predilection

Say hello to the newest members of our Pantone stationery family! Two delightful new notebooks—one to help you get inspired by the awesome power of riotous color, the other appealing to today’s interest in all different grays.

The Pantone Fifty Grays Journal is the more dark and brooding sibling of our beloved multicolored Pantone Chips Journal. Featuring iconic Pantone color chips in every conceivable hue of the sophisticated and sexy color (forty-nine different grays on the cover plus one on the spine), this journal is perfect not only for designers who want to proclaim their allegiance to Warm Gray 6 U or Cool Gray 3 C (trust me, you don’t want to get in the middle of two designers debating their preferred Pantone grays), but also for anyone who appreciates the smoldering intensity of this bruised color palette.

In contrast, the Pantone Artist and Writer’s Notebook could hardly be more colorfully encouraging. With a brilliantly-hued cover based on the design of the legendary Pantone fan decks, this hardcover notebook features different combos of Pantone colors on every page inside. Use the colors you find on each page as a jumping-off-point, allowing them to catalyze your creativity and inspire your writing or sketching.

Whether you’re a savvy design buff, a tempestuous diarist, or a color-loving creative, I hope you’ll enjoy using these new Pantone journals as much as we here enjoyed making them!

* Special thanks to my rad coworker Christina for letting me photograph her very own Artist and Writer’s Notebook (blurred for privacy).

Bridget Watson Payne

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