The Crafty Internet: A DIY Roundup

As a craft editor I know two things:

1) Being “crafty” actually means you’re clever (in a sneaky kinda way), not good at making stuff.
2) The Interwebs can be an endless source of inspiration.

You probably already knew at least one of these facts. But in all seriousness, we craft editors spend a lot of time online looking for new trends, new talent, and inspiration for our own lives. With that in mind, here’s a roundup of some of my favorite craft posts as of late. Some of these may be old news and have been waiting patiently on my Pinterest to be made, but they’re all projects I’ve flagged for one reason or another. Perhaps the dreary San Francisco summer presents the perfect time.

Creative Bug’s Yarn Banner DIY

Two weeks ago I headed to Alt Summit here in San Francisco and was surrounded by so much creativity and excitement. Of course, the details were all perfectly placed and lovely, but this yarn banner stole the show for me. I loved the colors and shapes, plus it required materials I already have on-hand. I kept fawning over it to Courtney, who made the banner, so I was really excited when she posted the project on Tuesday.

Emmadime’s Driftwood Mobile

I love crafting with nature and often head to one of the beaches of San Francisco to go “driftwood shopping.” I’ve drilled holes in wood and planted succulents in them, or made driftwood photo stands by poking wire in them. This mobile has endless design opportunities depending on the size and number of pieces you have, plus not hanging all the pieces straight is part of its charm (two points for the non-precise crafters out there!).

Emma Robertson

Delighted Momma’s Half Circle Polymer Clay Necklace

I’ve never really worked with polymer clay before, but I’ve been noticing tons of awesome tutorials pop up in the last year or so. This is a nice statement piece with understated colors that could go with so many outfits. And I love using my oven as a crafting tool.

A Subtle Revelry’s Felt Foliage Party Garland

The white silhouette on this garland makes it an easy addition to any room. The most surprising part about this project is that you don’t need any glue or thread in order to connect the foliage pieces – just cut slits and connect! I know the project calls this a “party garland,” but I’ll probably keep it hanging year-round.


Oh Happy Day’s Striped Tablecloth

Why is it that sometimes the most impactful DIYs are also the simplest? This project is based on a gorgeous Anthropologie tablecloth, but as an extremely messy eater, I know I can’t justify spending a pretty penny on tablecloths. The DIY version is as easy as: buy a tablecloth, tape down stripes, and paint! The pops of neon make it feel so special, and the painterly strokes make it look perfectly handmade.

Sarah Hebenstreit

Do you have any crafting plans for the summer?

Lisa Tauber
Assistant Editor


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