5 Ways to Save Your Inner Party Animal

This week, Ben Applebaum and Dan DiSorbo are guest posting on the blog. Dan and Ben are the authors of The Book of Beer Pong and The Book of Beer Awesomeness. Read on for their tips to save your inner Party Animal in honor of their new book, The Book of the Party Animal. And tell us, how do you keep the party alive? Leave a comment below and you’ll be entered to win all three books. A winner will be randomly selected on 9/17. Open to US residents only.

Our world is dominated more by social networks than by socializing. Friends are added and subtracted with the click of a button. And chatting happens over the computer instead of over a drink.

Today, we need Party Animals like never before. These are the essential hell-raising, legend-making, status quo-smashing characters who make life more interesting.

And now, you can bring out your inner Party Animal—for the good of your night… and the world.

1. Keep an active schedule
Sleep is for the weak. And the week. It’s important to be in party mode to literally rock around the clock. To do it, just follow the simple plan below.

2. Wear proper headgear
While donning a lampshade has gone out of favor, it remains a universal sign of being the life of the party. If you are going to rock the shade, though, do it right.

3. Make use of your surroundings
Swinging from a chandelier is a well-trodden indication of a wild party. Since it will most likely break and pull drywall and wiring with it, make sure that the house is not yours.

4. Rock out, often
Party Animals live in the moment and the movement. So get your back up off the wall, and dance. Come on.

5. Fit for your right to party
The best Party Animals know how to incorporate fat burning workouts into their standard party procedure.

The activities below estimate the average number of calories a 150-pound partier can burn by doing said activities for 30 minutes. These calories are then converted into a standard party unit of measure: a twelve-ounce bottle of warm light beer.

We hope you unleash your inner Party Animal and remember the words the great Andrew W.K. has taught us: “It’s time to parrrrty.”

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