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It’s hard to believe, but this boxy craft kit started as a favorite rainy day project when my boys were tiny tots. For hours of fun, we’d stand inside box “castle forts” or sit inside long box “boats.” As they got older, we graduated to decorating the fronts, building houses and cities.

A couple of years ago, I pitched the rainy day box project to my fantastically fun team at Chronicle. It was the right time—I had years of keeping-kids-entertained skills under my belt, plus I was looking for creative ways to upcycle all of the boxes we were collecting from various online shops.

I built a couple of prototypes. There was a simple box house that I created quickly with my kids, and a windmill that took more thought and time. These box “sketches” were the beginnings of Box World.

Soon, the Chronicle team and I were brainstorming country ideas, tourist attractions, and local sights, smells & sounds. I gathered all of my supplies to get crackin’ on the Box World projects. I made a mess, had fun, and became best friends with Nori, an acid free paste that works like a charm. (Check out that workspace picture. Umm… what was I thinking? 3 drinks so close to the projects!)

After months of cutting & pasting, stacking & building, and illustrating & writing, Box World took shape. It showcased England, France, China, Scotland, Africa, Japan, America, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.

In celebration of Box World’s release, my good friend, and crazy talented artist, Lisa Dejohn, used the kit as a foundation to construct “Greeny the Greenhouse.” She blended bits from Box World with her own gorgeous plants to create a unique and inspiring structure.

To kick off the kit’s release, I’ve created one last box—a little soapbox suitcase. So pack-up your underwear, and get ready for a boxy adventure! Cheerio, Suzy

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