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This week, Daniel Kibblesmith and Sam Weiner are guest posting on the blog. They’re the authors of How to Win at Everything. Check out and follow @HowToWinBook on Twitter for more updates and tips on winning.

Welcome to the most popular blog post ever written.

We’re Daniel Kibblesmith and Sam Weiner, authors of How to Win at Everything, a guide to coming out ahead in every conceivable human endeavor. That includes many things you didn’t know you could win at, like writing the most successful Internet blog post in history.

What makes it so successful? We assume this blog entry will be the most widely shared and influential series of words ever committed to virtual paper. While the numbers aren’t in yet, we fully expect to earn a record-shattering 25 million Facebook likes, 70 million Twitter retweets, and 15 Google Pluses by the end of the Internet Business Day (4:45 Eastern Time).

But we don’t want to hoard our success for ourselves. Here are the secrets to writing a mega-popular blog post:

1. Great Content. Offer your readers (aka “Bloggos”) an exciting sneak peek at your latest world-altering project. For instance, if you’ve written the new book How to Win at Everything, you could inform bloggos of the numerous topics covered in said book, including—

* Fistfights
* Juggling work and family
* Representing yourself in court

2. Dynamic Visuals. Wow the readers’ eyes with excerpted illustrations like this one, detailing how to use your copy of How to Win at Everything for self-defense:

3. Brevity.

By following these universal tips, a blog post about your own favorite topic, or the book How to Win at Everything, is sure to spread in the best way possible—in a manner akin to a highly contagious disease.

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