DIY Bird-In-Flight Place Setting

\With Thanksgiving just a week away, I’ve been thinking about how to decorate my family’s holiday table. I leave the cooking up to someone else and focus on crafting the décor! This lovely Bird-In-Flight place setting from Mollie Greene’s Sweet Paper Crafts is the perfect name card for Turkey Day. In the book, Mollie explains that the bird “looks as if it has just landed daintily to tell your guest where to sit.” Give this sweet project a try!

Bird-in-Flight Place Setting templates
Card stock
Scissors for paper
Bone folder
Honeycomb paper
Glue stick
Lightweight paper for bird
Liquid glue

1. Download the Bird-in-Flight Place Setting templates. Using the pencil, trace the card template on card stock. Cut out using the scissors. Fold the card in half and score with the bone folder.

2. Trace the half-circle honeycomb template on the honeycomb paper, making sure that the lines of the paper are perpendicular to the straight side of the template. Cut out with the scissors. Using the glue stick, apply glue to each side of the half circle. Line up the straight edge of the half circle with the folded edge of the card and press to adhere. Open the half circle to form a ball, and attach it to the other side of the card so that it grasps the card. Press to adhere.

3. Trace the bird template on two layers of lightweight paper. Carefully cut out so that you have two identical birds. Be careful to cut inside the pencil line so that you don’t have to erase it later. Using the glue stick, apply glue to the beak, head, and body of one bird, but not to the wings and tail feathers. Place the other bird on the glue and press firmly all around the bird. Gently bend open the wings and tail feathers.

4. Apply a thin line of liquid glue to the bottom curve of the bird’s body and gently place the bird on top of the honeycomb ball, slightly off center, so that the bird looks as if it has just come in for a landing. Hold in place for a few minutes, then allow to dry thoroughly for about an hour.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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