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With the Publisher’s Compliments: Here Comes Destructosaurus!

It’s always a lovely day when one of my colleagues from the Production department proudly carries into my office an early finished copy of our latest offering, newly arrived from the printer’s. We call those rare finished copies ‘advances.’ The arrival of the advance is the culmination of months, more often years, of creative endeavor: from the seed in the author or artist’s imagination all the way through the editorial, design, and production process. It’s a thrilling moment to see all that collaboration come to fruition! In choosing what to publish, we focus on projects that we believe Chronicle Books is absolutely the best publisher for, projects we can cultivate with unique spirit, creativity, and value. So sitting down on my stripey sofa to leaf through a new book or rip open a new format is always a joy. And sometimes I can’t wait to share that joy with others here at Chronicle in the form of With the Publisher’s Compliments: Advance o’ the Week. (I’d better immediately acknowledge that my sense of time drifts a bit.) This is an advance which, for one reason or another, especially reflects that collaboration, that spirit, creativity, and value we hold so dear. It sits magnificently on a plinth right by the elevator as people enter the building, giving them a sneak peek of a treat to come – because the Advance o’ the Week isn’t available for sale yet. May I share my pride in our publishing and give you a sneak peek too?

Since my handwriting’s illegible at the best of times, here’s what I wrote above:

SCREAM with laughter when you read this hilarious book!

SHRIEK with joy at the perfect illustrations!

GASP at the magnificent lamination of the jacket!

TREMBLE at this titan of toddling terror and the destruction he will wreak on the bestseller charts!

Thank you, Melissa, Claire, Amelia, and Binh, for all the creative care that went into rendering the author and illustrator’s* work – and for all the laughs!

*Melissa Manlove, a children’s editor here, Claire Fletcher in managing editorial, Amelia Mack in design, Binh Au, in production, and the author Aaron Reynolds and illustrator Jeremy Tankard.

Christine Carswell

You can pre-order Here Comes Destructosaurus here.

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