Your Dog’s Holiday Wish List

This week, we’re excited to have Francesco Marciuliano guest posting on the blog! Francesco is the author of I Could Chew on This and I Could Pee on This. Read on for his post and click here to download free holiday gift tags featuring I Could Chew on This and I Could Pee on This.

Holiday gift giving is not just a time for people. After all, why do you think your dog is so fascinated with your Christmas tree? Because they’re mesmerized by the bright lights and shiny ornaments? Of course not! It’s because each day they go to the tree to see if they can identify which presents are theirs, if anyone will notice if they tear open all the presents to find theirs, and if the water for the tree still has that delicious seasonal hint of pine as they drink it down in one gulp before resuming searching and tearing.

So to make sure your dog gets exactly what he or she truly wants this holiday, the canine poets of I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs have provided the following wish list for all your furry best friends. None of the following items are expensive, all of them have been deemed absolutely necessary, and every one of them can be found around your house or dropped immediately on your lap whenever you sit down to rest.

And of course…

Happy Holidays from our dogs to yours!

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  • April December 11, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    One year my friend woke up on Christmas day to find that his Boxer dog had rooted under the tree, and unwrapped the over-sized tennis ball that was intended for her. At least she waited until Christmas morning.


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