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First Annual Cookie Advent Recap

Christmas is just about here and the verdict is in: The first annual Chronicle Books Cookie Advent is a big hit! Thanks to the many bakers who volunteered to bring in cookies—we didn’t miss a single day! The biggest lesson? Put half of the cookies out in the morning—then the second half after lunch. Otherwise they will be all gone before 10:30am.


Here is a recap of the cookies we made this holiday season:

Monday, December 2
Chocolate Dipped Butter Cookies baked by yours truly.
Slice & Bake Cookies

Tuesday, December 3
Editorial Director Lorena Jones gave us her irresistible Pistachio Cranberry Icebox Cookies.

Wednesday, December 4
Maple Meringues were the featured cookie, baked by administrative assistant Amanda Poulsen-Dix.
Meringue Girls (an upcoming Chronicle Books cookbook you’ll have to wait for the book if you want this recipe!)

Thursday, December 5
Salted Chocolate Crinkle Cookies baked me, senior editor Amy Treadwell.
Slice & Bake Cookies

Friday, December 6
Contracts and permissions assistant Jane Chong wowed us with her Ginger Cookies, which were soft and chewy with a nice kick of fresh ginger.

Monday, December 9
Ginger Molasses Cookies by senior designer Alice Chau.

Tuesday, December 10
Nutella Meringues by assistant editor Lisa Tauber.

Wednesday, December 11
Bourban Pecan Pralines made by assistant editor Elizabeth Yarborough.

Thursday, December 12
Coconut-Oatmeal Cookies from associate managing editor Sara Golski.

Friday, December 13
Raspberry Linzer Cookies from senior editor Amy Treadwell.
The Model Bakery Cookbook

Monday December 16
Russian Tea Cakes from managing editor Leigh Saffold.

Tuesday, December 17
Lemon Cookies from assistant managing editor Marie Oishi.
The recipe is from Marie’s mom who got it from someone who got it from someone else. I love the murky origins of recipes!

Wednesday, December 18
Raspberry Bars (we’ll forgive her for technically not making a cookie) from executive editorial director Sarah Malarkey.

Thursday, December 19
Squared-Off Lemon Cookies from director of managing editorial Ann Spradlin
Slice & Bake Cookies

Friday, December 20
Three different cookies! Sugar Cookies; World Peace Cookies; and Anise Cookies from editor Sarah Billingsley.

Monday, December 23
Sesame Cookies from assistant managing editor Marie Oishi.

Tuesday, December 24
Italian Almond-Blood Orange Cookies from design director Vanessa Dina.

Amy Treadwell
Senior Editor

Amy Treadwell

Amy Treadwell is an editor of food and lifestyle books and a lifelong home baker. She loves cookies and the holiday season in equal measure.
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