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Welcome to Wedding Week at Chronicle Books! We are going to celebrate the joyous, beautiful celebration that is a wedding with a week of posts from some of our favorite experts, including thoughts on bridal style from Christina Butcher, blogger and author of Braids, Buns, and Twists!; advice from Jason Mitchell, event planning expert and author of Getting Groomed: The Ultimate Wedding Planner for Gay Grooms; a DIY project excerpt from Vintage Wedding Style; and a guest post from Donna Kim, blogger and social media manager at Brides Magazine.

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To start the week off right, I’d like to share some sweet wedding and engagement stories from some of the Chronicle Books team. We’ve had quite a few weddings and engagements for CB staffers and their loved ones recently, so you can safely assume love is in the air at Chronicle!

Ryan Hayes, Design
Ryan Hayes
(Photo credit: Marcie Lynn Photography)

“Our wedding happened in two parts. Part 1: Get married – We had our legal marriage done in San Francisco’s City Hall, an architecturally beautiful building with a remarkable grand staircase known as the Rotunda. Plus, (as a friend of ours pointed out) Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe eloped there—pretty awesome. Part 2: Celebrate – Since there was a limit on the amount of people we could have at City Hall, we planned a second ceremony in Tiburon, a town just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. There was great weather, family, friends, dancing, cake, and oysters.”

Will Schrom, Sales
Will Schrom

“My fiancée and I are tying the knot in May, just north of the Golden Gate Bridge at the (gorgeous) Marin Headlands Center for the Arts. Alta, the wee pup in the photo, recently announced that she’ll play ring bearer during the ceremony.”

Michael Morris, Design
Michael Morris

“The Supreme Court finally wiped out Prop 8 this year, so we decided to do our part to ruin traditional marriage for all the straight people out there. We picked the 20th anniversary of the date we met, rented an event space, and switched on the disco ball. By the end of the night breasts had been exposed, toes broken, and personal possessions stolen. I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Colin Burnett, Finance
Colin Burnett

“The night was dark, and the chill damp streets empty, only the faintest hints of revelry echoing from private parties in apartments above. It was New Year’s Eve in the medieval Breton town of Dinan. Poorly dressed Christmas trees ironically stood outside closed shops and bars and restaurants. Walking arm in arm, we giggled at the French inability to celebrate a proper holiday, and still reveled in its strange romance. At midnight we found ourselves in front of the 12th century Basilique Saint-Sauveur. We waited for the bell tower to ring out the New Year, but unlike every other hour of the day, now it was silent. Again we shook our heads and laughed. She chimed out her own bells, and on twelve I went to one knee and asked her to marry me.”

Mia Blankensop, International Sales
Mia Blankensop

“I kept showing Ben old, cheap rings on Etsy because I didn’t want him to feel any pressure to get a giant rock. Instead, he went to one of my best friend’s jewelry store and picked out a vintage-inspired ring in thirty minutes. After two romantic days visiting the places where we first met as friends and eating all the food and wine, Ben surprised me with the ring at our fifth anniversary dinner. The ring was ‘served’ as the last course and I totally cried.”

Julia Carvalho, Sales
Julia Carvalho

“After months of creating a complex web of lies involving not only my (approving) parents but my best friends (who luckily had input in choosing the ring), Steve popped the question in Fort Mason on December 29. The ring immediately fell off my finger, being adorably/sadly 2 sizes off. It’s now firmly attached to my finger, I’m happy to say. As much as we say we’re in no hurry to nail down a date, we’ve both found ourselves talking about it nonstop (or maybe that’s just me). I hope to plan something in San Francisco, so I can introduce my New York friends (and Brazilian family) to this super cool city that I now call home!”

Thanks to our friends at Brides Magazine, and congratulations to Ryan + Alexa, Will + Jacky, Michael + David, Colin + Dasha, and Julia + Steve! We hope you will follow along and to celebrate Wedding Week with Chronicle Books!

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