Wood-Block Flower Centerpiece

Wedding Week continues today with a DIY project from one of my favorite wedding books, Vintage Wedding Style, by Elizabeth Demos. This simple and rustic centerpiece is perfect for a wedding, but it would look lovely on any spring table!

Old Fort DIY

Wood-Block Flower Centerpiece


When to start:
2 weeks before the wedding

2 centerpieces

• One 6-by-6-by-72-in/15-by-15-by-183-cm rustic wood beam cut in two
• Dark paste wax
• Sixteen 5/8-by-4-in/16-mm-by-10-cm test tubes
• 16 flowers

• Tape measure
• Pencil
• Safety goggles
• Chop saw or bow saw
• Electric hand drill
• 5/8-in/16-mm drill bit
• 180-grit sandpaper
• 2 cotton cloths

Old Fort Wedding

How To:
1. Prepare the wood. Using the tape measure and pencil, mark the beam so you can cut it in half crosswise. Wearing goggles and using the saw, cut the beam into two 36-in/91.5-cm pieces.

2. Mark the beams for drilling. With the tape measure and pencil, make a mark about 4 in/10 cm from each end of one beam. Measure between the marks and make six more marks, spacing them evenly between the marks at the ends. These marks are where you will drill each hole. Mark holes in the second beam.

3. Drill the holes. Fit the drill with the drill bit. Wearing the safety goggles, drill down 4 in/10 cm into a beam at each mark. Hold the drill steady and work slowly. Test the holes as you go, to make sure the test tubes will fit inside them. If not, continue working with the drill until they do. After you drill all the holes, turn the beam upside down and knock out all the bits of wood and sawdust inside the holes. Repeat to drill the second beam.

4. Finish the wood. Use the sandpaper to clean up the rough edges of both beams and around the drilled holes. Brush off any sawdust from the sanding. Apply the paste wax to each beam, using a cotton cloth and following the manufacturer’s instructions. Work on the wax in circles and cover the whole beam. Let the wax dry for 15 minutes, then use the second cotton cloth to buff the beams.

5. Add the flowers. Slip a test tube into each hole. When ready to display, care-fully fill the tubes with water, and then set a flower in each one.


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