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Valentine Treats for Your Baby: Lacy Paper Notes


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to create something heartfelt and handmade for your loved ones. All month long, we’re sharing Valentine’s crafts that you can make with the whole family, like this Fuzzy Octopus Valentine DIY and a deliciously sweet recipe for Pitter-Patter Pancakes!

You can also create a custom gift that your child will cherish for years to come with the personalized book, The Love of Baby. The soft, rhyming text and charming, colorful illustrations in this personalized book create the perfect lap read for parent and newborn. Customize with baby’s name, skin tone and hair color for an extra special gift.

Lacy Paper Notes
from Handmade Hellos by Eunice Moyle and Sabrina Moyle


Transform patterned paper doilies into elegant, graphic notes. Cut out a favorite section of doily (slightly off-center for dynamic composition), and past it against a colorful background. Then, use your doily as a stencil to create a delicate pattern on your envelope. (Use white spray paint or primer to create the delectable look of confectioners’ sugar!) Make multiples—paper doilies cost pennies—for personal correspondence, save the dates or valentines!


You’ll need:
• Utility knife
• Ruler
• Cutting mat or a thick magazine
• 3 sheets of double-sided adhesive film or permanent spray adhesive
• Dark- or bright-colored card stock (at least 5 x 7”)
• Light-colored card stock (at least 5 x 7”)
• Pencil
• 2 paper doilies
• Scissors
• Corner rounder or a glass to use as a guide for rounding corners (optional)
• 4 to 6 sheets of newspaper
• Envelope
• 3 pieces of drafting tape
• Can of spray paint

Step 1 – Glue your cards together
Using a utility knife and ruler, cut two sheets of adhesive film that are slightly larger than your card stock. Laying the first piece of film on your work surface, peel off one side of the sticker backing (reserve the second sheet for Step 2). Place your dark card stock wrong side down onto the film. Smooth to adhere. Lay your light card stock wrong side up on your work surface. Peel the remaining sticker backing from the dark card stock. Center the sticky side of the dark card stock on the light-colored card stock. Smooth to adhere. Wit ha pencil and ruler, mark out the finished side the card. Trim off the excel card stock and adhesive film using your utility knife.


Step 2 – Adhere the doily
Position the first doily on the dark side of your card, aligning it so that the portion you want to use in on the card (see below). With a pencil, l ightly mark the edges of the card on your doily and trim it down with a utility knife. Apply the second sheet of adhesive film to the wrong side of the doily and adhere to the dark side of your card. If desired, round the corners of the card using a corner rounder or the round edge of a small jar or glass, and your utility knife.


Step 3 – Decorate the envelope
Make sure your work area is well ventilated. Lay down newspaper to protect your work surface. Place your open envelope flap-down on your work surface. Position the doily on top of your envelope, covering the majority of the envelope and take it down to your work surface on all side with drafting tape (see below). Holding the spray paint about 18” away from the envelope, spray a light, even coating over the entire thing. If you are making more than one envelope, carefully lift up with tape on one side of your doily (leave the tape on the other sides), and remove the envelope. Set it aside to dry and repeat the process with the rest of your envelopes.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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