The Joy and Wonder of Dancing with Cats

There are things in this world with a power that truly defies explanation: love… music… and Dancing with Cats.

Caturday Dancing with Cats

This eye-catching Chronicle classic is full of history and mystery. Perpetually ahead of its time, Dancing with Cats is as relevant to cat lovers as it was when it first leapt onto the cat dancing scene 15 years ago. What are the origins? What does it all mean? As with the power of cat dancing, these questions can be explored, but never fully understood.


“When you dance with your cat you share in the gift of feline grace.” –Helen and Boots

The worldwide phenomenon on cat dancing has no clearly discernable origin, but its highlights and practices are chronicled by the adept and observant authors Burton Silver and Heather Busch. Both authors brought a unique pedigree to their examination of the feline frolicking arts. Burton lives in New Zealand, but travels extensively to lecture on feline energy-field dynamics. Heather has been running cat dancing-therapy workshops for years. Together, they crafted a masterpiece that is as timeless as the dance moves featured on its pages.

The authors sum up their goal best: “It is our hope that this book will encourage others to experience that uplifting energy by dancing with their cats and, in so doing, help facilitate a greater understanding between us humans and our feline companions.”


Join energy fields through well-controlled and coordinated movements.

This Caturday, we invite you to embrace the restorative powers of this meditative and mesmerizing art form. You’ll never look at your feline friends in quite the same way.

Wynn Rankin

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  • smmbcj May 4, 2014 at 9:05 am

    Oh, my, my. If my cats were to read this book, maybe they would finally get up and dance. Right now, they feel it is embarrassing to dance with me. They won't even dance with each other. They need to know it is permissible to dance. Otherwise they are just grooming too much for no good reason.


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