Felt Dogs

When our new DIY crafting book, Felt Dogs, was presented to the sales team at Chronicle Books, it was met by a unanimous and LOUD chorus of “ooohs” and “ahhhs.”

The projects looked adorable but were they difficult? As someone DIY-challenged, I was really surprised by how easy it was to jump into needle felting and to make such adorable pups!

Felt Dogs by Mitsuki Hoshi

So what exactly is needle felting? It’s a technique that involves molding and sculpting shapes from unwoven wool with a special barbed needle. As you poke and jab at the wool, it interlocks and becomes more and more compact.

To help demystify the crafting technique, we organized a Chronicle lunchtime needle felting party! To speak to the book’s simplicity, everyone quickly took to needle felting and left the session with their own handmade felt dog!

Felt Dogs Crafting Party

The book should come with a warning about addiction, because I quickly found myself in manic-like states of needle felting. It is so much fun! Results below.

Tips and tricks for beginners:
– Supplies can be easily found online or in your local craft store. We had more success at knitting supply stores.
– The book recommends using plastic noses and eyes, which can also be ordered online. Alternatively, you can create these shapes with wool and avoid ordering more supplies.
– The needle is sharp so be careful! Use a thimble if you have one on hand.
– Use the book’s diagrams to track your progress. The images are true to size and meant to guide you as your felt dog takes shape.

Felt Dogs
Felt Dogs

Love what you see? Enter for a chance to win a free copy of Felt Dogs by sharing what type of felt dog you’d most like to make in the comments below. Giveaway ends next week on 4/16. US only.

Happy felting!

Patricia Quan
US Marketing & Publicity Assistant
Laurence King Publishing

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