A Mother’s Day Bouquet

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and for those of us who have graduated from the 2nd grade, macaroni necklaces aren’t going to cut it any more. Luckily, Decorate With Flowers, a new book from blogging superstars Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring, is full of great ideas for handmade (and grown-up, ahem) surprises your mom will love.


Decorate With Flowers includes step-by-step project directions with lovely and helpful instructional photos, as well as suggested flowers to use. Armed with bunches of flowers from the local flower mart, we set out to create arrangements perfect for surprising Mom and brightening her day.

DwF Collage

1. Start with a focal flower, in this case a peony.
2. Trim a few pieces of greenery to frame behind and around the focal flower as fillers. Dusty millers add some great contrasting gray tones to the Queen Anne’s lace and waxflower fillers.
3. Add in smaller flowers in a different color from the focal flower as your secondary flower. We used periwinkle-colored scabiosas to complement the bright peony.
4. Add some pops of color with different colored and textured flowers,  such as cheery ranunculus, and fill out the arrangement with any more necessary greenery.

IMG_4448 Edited

Ta-dah! Proudly display your arrangement on the brunch table or, if your mom is a DIY-type, make it a Mother’s Day activity together so you can both end up with gorgeous arrangements. We all wholeheartedly agreed that a homemade arrangement is loads more fun than store bought–and cheaper to boot!

Festoon of Flowers DIY

In case you missed our last Decorate With Flowers DIY, we also made a festoon of flowers. Check it out if you want some more floral décor inspiration, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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