A Summery Eton Mess from Meringue Girls

There’s an unusual heat wave hitting San Francisco as of late, but no complaints here because it’s an excuse to finally test out this Summery Eton Mess recipe from Meringue Girls. Written by ultra-cool ladies Alex Hoffler and Stacey O’Gorman, Meringue Girls takes meringues to new heights with definite pizzazz. Move over, macarons, cupcakes, and cookies!

Summery Eton Mess - prep

This Summery Eton Mess is an exciting twist on a British summertime favorite (soon to be my summertime favorite). And I love that meringue baking requires an oven set to just 200 degrees. Hot oven + hot day = no fun!

Summery Eton Mess - the perfect meringue consistencyMaking the perfect meringue mixture is all about the electric mixer–my biceps didn’t stand a chance in whipping them by hand! Once mixed, the batter is beautifully glossy and stiff, ready for piping.

Summery Eton Mess - 1Served with freshly whipped cream, berries, and raspberry coulis, this Summery Eton Mess will surely impress guests when served as a pretty dessert. Plus, the baked meringues can be placed in an airtight container and stored for up to 2 weeks, so they even work as a tasty afternoon snack for one. Want to keep it healthy? Just replace the whipped cream with a dollop of Greek yogurt!

Summery Eton Mess - 2 Meringue Girls has more than 35 recipes that spin fun twists on this classic treat into delicious cookies, cakes, pies, and ice-cream confections. All are surprisingly simple to make, crowd-pleasingly gluten-free, and melt-in-your-mouth amazing. Now, excuse me as I pretend to be strolling through the English countryside, Eton Mess in one hand and spoon in the other.

Click the image below to get the free recipe for the Summery Eton Mess from Meringue Girls!

Summery Eton Mess

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