Eye Candy from the National Stationery Show : Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, there was a lot of exceptional work at the National Stationery Show this year. Truth be told, I took 213 photos at the show! Don’t worry, I won’t make you look through all of them, but it does give you a sense of how great all the work was. There were also emerging trends that I began to see—fruit (especially pineapples!), constellations, cut-paper, and foil. Here is a quick visual re-cap of some of the booths I visited and really loved.


With their signature neon pink envelopes, Ashkahn’s notecards can be spotted a mile away. Some of his cards are irreverent, some sweet and endearing, others will make you burst out laughing. He has a unique style in the sea of pretty stationery which is refreshing. And he uses foil! What’s not to love?


Banquet Atelier & Workshop’s bold, graphic, and playful imagery command attention and draw you in.


Claudia Pearson has such a wonderful sense of color—bold and vibrant and at the same time sophisticated. We have worked with Claudia on several projects featuring her food illustrations (Perpetual Harvest, Drawing Food, Savor and Send and Recipe Cards), so I loved seeing her new city illustrations! 



Every year, Dear Hancock, has one of my favorite booths. This year, inspired by their new desk calendar, The Imagined Desks of Historical Women, they built a life-size cut out of Amelia Earhart’s desk—so amazing! 


In Part 1 of our Stationery Show recap, I featured Egg Press’s animal mask prints as one of 12 things I’m obsessed with this year. There is just something so charming about their illustration style that captivates me and makes me want to rush out and by every card that they have ever made.


Every since watching Ken Burns’s documentary of our National Parks, I’m been a bit obsessed with them. So, it was no surprise when I saw Ello There’s National Parks Map I had to go in for a closer look. They have a great sense of type and their work while modern in feel and color, evokes in me that nostalgic feeling for summer family vacations. 


I’ve been a fan of Emily McDowell’s work for awhile, so I was really excited to see her booth this year and all of the new things she has been dreaming up. Her hand-lettering skills are top notch and I love her sassy sayings.


The folks at Enormous Champion are old friends of ours here at Chronicle Books. Their Our Love is Here to Stay notecard art inspired an accordion collection of loved-theme postcards that we published a few years back!


Fawnsberg’s sweet floral patterns have a bit of a Scandinavian feeling that makes my heart skip a beat.


Cat Seto’s Ferme à Papier line caught our eye last year in a big way and so we jumped at the chance to work with her and we were so proud to debut our new collaboration with her called Joie du Jour at the show this year (see image above on the far right).


The bright neon colors, geometric patterns, and foil really drew me into Fig. 2’s booth this year. 


I was familiar with Hable Construction’s textile before, but I had no idea that they also made stationery! I was super excited to see their patterns on notecards and journals.


I’m constantly impressed by the technical prowess that Hammerpress exhibits year after year with their cards. Their colors and designs are just so fantastic. I’m always excited to see the new things that they have created.

Hartland Brooklyn’s charming illustrations are just so irresistible. I’m getting hungry just looking at these…


Hello Lucky’s bright and cheerful notecards are always on the top of my list. I love their new birthday notecards, “Have a flippin’ fabulous birthday” and “Have a purr-fect birthday”!


Katharine Watson’s block prints are really something. I can’t even begin to figure out how many hours went into creating them and how she applies them to paper is very inspiring. I really love how she applied the pattern to both the envelope flaps and notecards.


I was introduced to Katie Leamon’s work on a trip to London I took in the Fall last year and was really taken with her work. I actually got to meet Katie at the show this year and just like her work she was beyond sweet and I’m an even bigger fan now!


As with Dear Hancock, I always can hardly wait to see what the Linda & Harriett booth looks like every year at the show. Their sense of pattern and bold graphics are just so beyond anything I could dream up.

Recently, I’ve been buying a lot of things from Oh, Hello Friend. I love their sense of type and their positive messaging makes for the perfect gift for every occasion. I’m totally obsessed with their totes.


I look forward to seeing One Canoe Two’s new calendar each year. This year’s calendar highlights Great American Authors. Literature was another popular theme in people’s work this year.


Paper Bandit Press was a new discovery for me this year. I pretty much loved everything they had in their booth—all their posters, notecards and small quotation cards!


Well, it’s no surprise that Rifle Paper Co. is on my list of favorites this year. If I could live inside their booth I would, it’s that beautiful. With the rest of the world, I just love everything that Anna creates. I had the amazing experience of working with Anna on the Botanicals Collection that we collaborated on a few years back. It’s still one of my very favorite projects I’ve worked on.


Letterpress is the predominant printing method for most exhibitors at the National Stationery Show, but this year Sue Jean Ko brought the method of silk-screening front and center. Her cards and colors are beyond amazing. Her style was a breath of fresh air and she was seriously one of the sweetest people I met! I’m absolutely obsessed with her food prints, I think my mind exploded a little bit when I saw them.


These Are Things maps have long been on my wish list of things to put on my wall. Their sense of color and type are really spot on.


Can we just take one minute to admire how amazing the walls in the Yellow Owl Workshop booth were? Christine from Yellow Owl Workshop works her magic every year always coming up with some really exciting things and keeping her style fresh. This year I was super excited to see her new stencil kits and some pretty incredible new floral prints that she made into journals and notecards. I’m beyond in love with them!

Hankering for some paper goodies now? Get 30% off plus free shipping with code DESIGNDESK until June 8th on the Rifle Botanicals Notebook Collection, Enormous Champion’s Our Love is Here to Stay, and Claudia Pearson’s Perpetual Harvest Calendar.

Kristen Hewitt
Design Director

Kristen Hewitt

Kristen Hewitt

Design Director at Chronicle Books and an enthusiastic cheerleader for gift and stationery products (and pretty much anything with foil).
Kristen Hewitt



  • Sue Jean June 7, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    Hi Kristen! It was so great to see you at the show. Thanks for including me! 🙂


  • Kat Mariaca March 27, 2017 at 12:32 pm

    Dear Kristen,

    As I prepare for my first NSS (Booth 1863), I have been digging through the internet to learn all I can. There, I came across this article and wanted to thank you for the many great photos and shout outs that have helped me prepare.

    So glad you are an “enthusiastic supporter” of stationery. I totally understand!

    All my best,



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