9 Father’s Day Gifts That Are Not Neckties

Let’s make one thing very clear here: we love our dads. A lot. But, most of the time, Father’s Day is met with a quick burst of panic. Why does no one ever seem to know what to gift their wonderful paternal figures? Another Snoopy tie? Barbecue tools… again? Socks? This year, show dad you know him way better than that! Here is a handy flowchart and 9 giftables for every dad, because no two dads are alike!

1. Get Letters of Note for Dad if…he’s partial to marathon sessions of the History Channel.

2. Get Done. for Dad if…the phrase “dad’s making dinner tonight” usually means Mom ends up ordering Thai.

3. Get Josey Baker Bread for Dad if…he’s looking for a bigger challenge than lasagna in the kitchen.

4. Get Woodworking in a Weekend for Dad if…he’s been talking about making his own bench for the entryway of the house since you were in diapers.

5. Get Darth Vader and Son for Dad if…you have a totally adorable “I am your father” joke going.

6. Get Vader’s Little Princess for Dad if…you’ll always be daddy’s little Princess Leia!

7. Get This is Ridiculous This is Amazing for Dad if…he’s been spending most of his time chasing a toddler or cleaning up food and boogers.

8. Get How to Speak Baseball for Dad if…he’s anywhere between lifelong baseball fan to newly inducted enthusiast.

9. Get The Bar Book for Dad if…he’s really just in need of a stiff drink this Father’s Day.

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