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From the Design Desk: Goodbye from Our 2014 Winter/Spring Fellows

Surprising as it might seem, it is already time to wish our 2014 Winter/Spring fellows farewell! We are grateful to each of them for the contributions they’ve made to Chronicle throughout their time here. Although the fellowship session passes by quickly, the work our fellows do has a lasting impact on Chronicle as a whole. That being said, please see below for an insider’s look at what the fellows have been up to since they began working here in January.

From the Design Desk of Micah:

Wow! 6 months really flew by at my desk here at Chronicle. It’s hard to describe the feeling of something whipping by you so fast, but moving at just the right pace for you to take in every little detail while it buzzes by. That’s what it has been like to be the marketing design fellow! A totally wild, beautiful whirlwind! I feel like it was just yesterday that I sat at my desk for the first time and was given my first project to work on.

I’ve learned so much here about marketing and design practices, but also about the people and the products of Chronicle. I’ve had a blast getting to know all of the designers through design meetings, marketing projects, and even the occasional prank! (Ahem, exhibit A, long story.)


Some of my favorite projects:

Shakespeare Insult Generator Marketing Campaign


Letters of Note Marketing Campaign


And of course, my absolute total favorite project ever:

The Winter/Spring 2015 Fellowship poster


In closing, I’m really going to miss all of my co-workers, fellow-fellows, and most of all, the totally awesome Marketing design team! You’ve been so encouraging and supportive. I couldn’t have asked for better or kinder bosses than Laura and Liz. Y’all are the cream of the crop! 


Micah Rivera
Chronicle Marketing Design Fellow

P.S. I guess Ben is cool too.

From the Design Desk of Nami:

I can still remember the first day of my fellowship like yesterday. I walked into Chronicle’s office feeling jet-lagged and nervous but was immediately greeted by a room filled with sunlight, bright red walls, and people with friendly smiles. This was followed by my very first project: to search for the perfect cat picture for a book cover. I couldn’t handle the joy of turning my cat lady tendencies into a job.


(If you can guess the correct numbers of cats in my desk picture above,  you may win a prize!)

I created wallpapers for the promotion of the book Eat Pretty, redesigned covers for ebooks, and designed pop-up notecards, a book about a dog, and a book about funny pictures of children.


Every Friday, as fellows, we gathered to participate in Design Lab, led by our Creative Director, Michael Carabetta. We got to come up with and design new products for Chronicle. I created a movie marquee message boar and a waterproof book jacket that has a hidden handle and can turn into a bag with a pocket. And I redesigned the cover of Pride and Prejudice. It was a fun challenge to have every week.

Thank you to my mentor Emily for patiently teaching me everything from how to set up files to how to push designs further.

I would also like to express gratitude to all the other talented designers who kindly taught me design processes and helped me out every step of the way. You guys have become design role models for me.

Nami Kurita
Publishing Design Fellow

From the Design Desk of Nadia:


Ok, so there. I just gave you a piece of truth. Most of the time this is how my desk looks. I embrace the fact that my desk is messy and am happy to announce that every other fellow also has a messy desk because this is a sign of a working person. Although, here I never feel like I am at work!

Reflecting back on what I have done these past few months, I am surprised that I have worked on 18 projects. I started with a very cute finger puppet book, Little Cat, which consists of 12 pages of mostly images and ended my fellowship with an origami project consisting of a 60-page booklet and 60 patterns. Some projects were more challenging than others, but every single project that I had the chance to work on was nothing but fun.

Those close to me know how much I’ve loved working at Chronicle Books. This is not just because of all the free fruit on the 4th floor every Wednesday, or the constant celebrations for God-knows-what, but because of the people who are so kind and so open to listening to everyone’s ideas and opinions. I will miss working alongside the other fellows in Design Lab, and of course, I will miss Michael and Ben too.

Thank you so much Chronicle—and a BIG thanks to Amelia Mack. Without her I never would have had this experience. Chronicle, you have been beyond great to me, and in return, I promise I will never stop buying your books. 😉

Nadia Izazi
Children’s Design Fellow

From the Design Desk of Kevin:

Try to imagine it: 6 months ago, a ginger-headed boy with a gap in his teeth and uncanny flair for style comes all the way from the snowy Midwest to the corrupt West coast to gain more experience in digital publishing. That clever, stylish, rogue, some might even say modelesque boy, dear readers, was me. I had had some on-the-job training with basic ebook stuff—reflowable prose, poetry—but nothing comparable to the digital conversion work Chronicle was cranking out. Suddenly, I was working on converting cookbooks, coffee table books, children’s books, all sorts of nutty books to EPUB, EPUB3 fixed-format, MOBI, Amazon fixed-format, and EPIB formats! Confused? So was I. But now, surprisingly, I know what I’m doing, and the only embarrassing collateral has been the slovenliness of my desk. Aside from working with ebooks, I also got to try my hand at more print design-based stuff, pitching ideas for classic book covers (rejected), desktop iPhone stands (also rejected), and cat houses (REJECTED!!!). While I don’t think I’ve been turned down this many times since senior prom, I still think I’m thoroughly dateable (and hirable!), so . . . no regrets about my fellowship.

Public_Library_Screenshot John_Robshaw_Prints Hello_NY_Devices

Kevin Armstrong
Digital Publishing Fellow

Stay tuned to learn more about our next crop of fellows starting here in July! If you’re interested in becoming a Chronicle Books design fellow, please look for details on how to apply on our fellowship website.

Meghan Nowell
Design Studio Coordinator

Meghan Nowell

As Design Studio Manager, Meghan has fun bossing around designers on the weekdays and avoiding them on the weekend. She also enjoys wine, pretending to be artsy, and eating/making delicious food!
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