Jedi Mind Tricks to Get Your Kids to Sleep

The day after my son’s birth, he got kicked out of the hospital nursery. The highly trained, seen-it-all nurses wheeled him back to our room saying, “He’s screaming so loud that he’s waking up the other babies. We tried everything.”


Here’s our Google search history of late:

  • Baby sleep regression last forever
  • How much caffeine safe
  • Parents lying no baby sleeps through night
  • Jedi mind tricks make baby sleep

lukeleiagotobed 680


We have tried it all: cry it out; controlled cry-it-out; co-sleeping; pick-up/put-down; schedules; no schedules; warm baths; bouncing on a yoga ball; singing lullabies; a plush sheep that plays “soothing whale noises;” no mobile; a calming mobile; a mobile that communicates with outer space; sleeping on the floor next to the crib like a broken shell of human; doing a sleep dance in front of his crib; begging him on bended knee…

If only I could channel Obi-Wan Kenobi and just say to the baby: “This is the nap you’ve been looking for.”

The one thing that does seem to work is books. Even our spirited little guy will slow down and shift into sleep gear when we break out a nice big stack of books and start reading. We now collect bedtime books with a fervor, always excited when a new one enters the rotation, which is why I can’t wait for Goodnight Darth Vader to hit shelves.

Goodnight Darth Vader, by Jeffrey Brown


And this one is sure to be a bedtime classic at our house. The book soars through a galaxy far, far away, saying goodnight to all the Star Wars creatures, like Wookiees, bounty hunters, and Ewoks. Trust me, nothing is cuter than a family of Wookiees getting sleepy and tucking in for the night.

Also, maybe it’s just me, but I feel just a smidge better that even Darth Vader, the Dark Lord of the Sith, can’t get little Luke and Leia to bed.

Books…for when even the Force won’t work.

GNDVpillowfight 680 All images from Goodnight Darth Vader™ by Jeffrey Brown

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Alison Presley

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