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Everyone eats, and everyone enjoys a satisfying meal. The foodie tribe continues to grow, and its members are constantly on the hunt for their next good meal.

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The Street Food Journal is a charming diary for collecting delicious memories. In addition to 128 blank pages, the journal is also punctuated by lovely watercolors by Sophia Augusta of street foods and food trucks, making it the ultimate place for adventurous travelers to record their lucky finds and foodie favorites.

Tell us what your favorite street food is in the comments below for a chance to win your own copy of The Street Food Journal.*

Patricia Quan
US Marketing & Publicity Coordinator
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Here are some fun food facts and pretty illustrations from The Street Food Journal to whet your appetite!


Churros: Traditionally eaten in the early morning of New Year’s Day in Spain, these doughnut-like treats are rolled in sugar and then dipped in chocolate or coffee. The thicker, larger variant is called “porra.”

Fish and Chips: Weirdly enough, the chip may have been invented as a substitute for fish, rather than an accompaniment. According to popular history, when the rivers froze over and nothing could be caught, resourceful British housewives cut potatoes into fish shapes and fried them instead. During World War II, the UK government made sure fish and chips was one of the few foods exempt from rationing.


Qassatat: Small ricotta, spinach, anchovy, or pea pies, these tasty snacks have been part of Malta’s food culture since the time of the Knights of St. John and were traditionally baked for Easter.

* Giveaway ends July 31, 2014. Open to US residents only.

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