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The Great Ivy + Bean Reread Challenge

Parents, get your reader on board with The Great Ivy + Bean Reread Challenge! This year’s International Ivy + Bean Day is on Saturday, October 18th. And boy, have we got some treats (no tricks!) in store for your little reader.

Encourage your reader to take the challenge and reread all 10 Ivy + Bean books in the 10 weeks leading up to Ivy + Bean Day, then enter your email address for a chance to win a prize for your little Ivy + Beanie.

Each week we’ll randomly choose a winner to receive a prize. Weekly prizes might include an Ivy + Bean personalized lunchbox, an Ivy + Bean Button Factory, a set of Ivy + Bean mini-notes, or an Ivy + Bean personalized folder.

How does that sound? Is your little reader ready for the challenge?

On your mark…get set…yow!


Here is a week-by-week breakdown:

Week 1, August 4th, 2014 : Ivy + Bean (Book 1)

Week 2, August 11th, 2014: Ivy + Bean and the Ghost that Had to Go  (Book 2)

Week 3, August 18th, 2014 : Ivy + Bean Break the Fossil Record (Book 3)

Week 4, August 25th, 2014: Ivy + Bean Take Care of the Babysitter (Book 4)

Week 5, September 1st, 2014: Ivy + Bean Bound to be Bad (Book 5)

Week 6, September 8th, 2014: Ivy + Bean Doomed to Dance (Book 6)

Week 7, September 15th, 2014: Ivy + Bean What’s the Big Idea? (Book 7)

Week 8, September 22nd, 2014: Ivy + Bean No News is Good News (Book 8)

Week 9, September 29th, 2014: Ivy + Bean Make the Rules (Book 9)

Week 10, October 6th, 2014: Ivy + Bean Take the Case (Book 10)


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