Bubble-Wrap Tote Bag

Put Your Stamp On It¬†offers tons of ways to transform anything from stationary to storage boxes. One of our favorite techniques that author Meagan Lewis offers is found-object printing, which will make you look at things you might usually throw away in a whole new way. Here’s a sample project from the book where she works magic with some bubble-wrap.


Kathryn Jaller

Associate Director of online strategy at Chronicle Books and art/craft/cat lady. You can follow her at @kholler.

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  • Bethany walker March 10, 2015 at 5:03 am

    Love the idea of DIY bags, there’s nothing better. If you’re like me and not very creative, Lola rose has a great zebra scarf which is really on trend at the moment. Also great for shopping! I love bags you can roll up and just stuff into your purse for when you go shopping.


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