What Happens When You Give Your Pet a Camera?

Ever wish you could see the world through the eyes of your pet? It’s now possible to capture your pet’s daily adventures from the animal’s own point of view by attaching a small, lightweight PetCam their collar or harness. In the new book PetCam: The World Through the Lens of Our Four-Legged Friends, photographer and animal lover Chris Keeney shows how to use these fun new cameras and offers creative suggestions to get you started.

PetCam Cover

Author Chris Keeney says, “Setting off with a PetCam rigged to your pup’s collar means that an adventure is in store for both of you. Whenever I attach a camera to my dog Fred, he gets excited. He knows that we’re about to go somewhere fun, often a place new to both of us. And since the camera is small, it doesn’t get in the way of his good time or weigh him down as he explores.”

PetCam Cow Photo

The book features nearly a hundred PetCam photos taken by an international roster of creative critters. From the slopes of the Swiss Alps to the streets of Tokyo to the beaches of San Diego, we see how these twenty furry photographers view their surroundings, their human companions, and their animal friends.

PetCam Cow Photo

As their PetCams snap pictures, the animals take off on joyous escapades, race alongside kids on skateboards, play epic games of fetch, snuggle with a favorite human, or just nap in the sun.

PetCam Cat View

PetCam also includes photos of the pets wearing their cameras and hilarious “artist statements” written in the voice of these talented animal image-makers, including Villa the goat, Scrappy the Chihuahua, Xander the Manx cat, Abbott the Jack Russell Terrier, Fiona the Red Angus Cow, Casper the Labrador Retriever, and Gus, a tiny Abyssinian guinea pig with a big artistic vision.

PetCam Dog Coulee

It’s getting great reviews:

“One thing is for sure: looking at the world from the animals’ point of view, the world is really quite beautiful.” Lost at E Minor
“Unlike human photographers, these artists are unlimited by formal restraints. Unbothered by thoughts of the past or the future, they exist in a world that leaps from one thrilling instant to the next.” Feature Shoot
“A collection of delightful, candid images that allow us to follow along on their furry adventures.” Parade

PetCam Cat Photographer

Don’t miss the book trailer.

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