Homeland Revealed

To me, Homeland is a watch-through-my-fingers, bite-my-nails kind of way to spend an evening.  After each heart-pumping episode, you’ll find me exhaling slowly, trying to decompress. Remember the feeling you had at end of Season 2, when Carrie goes into the mill to search for Abu Nazir, spots his sleeping bag, is attacked by him, and is finally saved by her SWAT team?

Disaster narrowly escaped, phew.

We breathed a similar sigh of relief the other day.

Damian Lewis and Claire Danes, from Homeland, Revealed

In an ironic twist, our shipping container with Homeland Revealed was flagged for an intensive inspection by Homeland Security, delaying delivery by several days and putting our on-sale-date in jeopardy. We were on pins and needles. Happily, the container was released from inspection in time for books to make it to our warehouse in time for our on-sale date.

The book, which delves into characters, conspiracy theories and behind-the-scenes detail will be available October 14th—thank you Homeland Security!

Homeland Revealed

Did you watch the Season 4 premier of Homeland on Sunday? What did you think?  Leave a comment below for a chance to win Homeland Revealed.

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