Marimekko: Living in Patterns

Back in the faraway 70’s, my mother discovered the Finnish design and textile vendor Marimekko’s shop in Midtown Manhattan. I have vivid, fond memories of browsing through bolts and yards of vibrantly-colored and boldly-patterned fabrics alongside mom who had them made into fashionable muumuus! One time, I asked mom to buy me a set of adorable sheets with brightly colored, geometric vehicles and she obliged. Here’s a visual record of these sheets and my bedroom during my high school years, along with my best friend Paul plus a Jesus and Mary Chain poster.
JesusandMaryChainCut to the past 20-odd years living as an independent adult, and my Marimekko fanboy love hasn’t subsided.
Marimekko Bedspread
Marimekko Chair
I’ve arrived at an incredibly beautiful culmination of my Marimekko appreciation by getting to work on marketing the first English language edition of Marimekko: In Patterns, in addition to a gorgeous new line of stationery launching with postcards and notebooks (with more to come in 2015!). Suuri arvostus (a Finnish term of congratulations) Marimekko for continuing to visually enrich the lives of so many people all over the world. In celebration of the release of Marimekko: In Patterns, we’re giving away a Marimekko gift prize pack! This bold and beautiful collection features a Marimekko umbrella, cosmetic bag, and necklace.

Pin the cover of Marimekko: In Patterns, the Marimekko Notebook Collection, or Marimekko: 100 Postcards for a chance win the collection and copies of all three books. Just follow the link below to get started:


Peter Perez
Associate Director of Marketing, Food & Drink

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