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A Q&A with Cat Seto: Learning to Celebrate the Everyday

We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Cat Seto, the lovely illustrator behind our new Joie du Jour stationery line. Read on to discover how she fell in love with paper and stays inspired.

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When did you discover that you loved paper?

It started early! I’d draw on my father’s old engineering blueprints and use them to create paper cities, ships, or grocery stores inside of my house. I would smuggle sheets of paper with me to restaurants or under the dinner table. I was the ultimate paper bandit.

How did your stationery line Ferme à Papier begin?

I visited Paris for the first time about two years ago with no intention but to wander the city streets. Instead I found myself ogling chic/hip Parisians and the moody color palettes of the city mixed with visits to biodynamic farms in the countryside. When I returned, it resulted in three weeks of mad illustrating…about 52 images that eventually became the debut collection for Ferme à Papier.

What triggers your creative process? What inspired you to create Joie du Jour, your current paper line with Chronicle Books?

What resounded from my trip to Paris more than ever before was a sense of taking the time to find bits of joy in my everyday. My creativity always soars when I feel rooted, authentic, and humbled in what I am doing. That’s what inspired the Joie du Jour (celebrating the everyday!) collection and why I was so thrilled when I was asked to create this with Chronicle!

Joie du Jour line

If you could give any piece of advice to the budding creative entrepreneur, what would it be?

Take advantage of internships and mentorships. This is where you can earn your “street MBA.” Take it from me, it takes time to build up both the creative and business…if you work hard, stay humble, and stay true to your expression, you will have a better chance getting there on your own time!

Cat Seto is an illustrator/designer who creates the Ferme à Papier line from her San Francisco-based studio and shop. She received her BFA in fine arts/painting and her MFA in creative writing from University of Michigan. She is also the co-author of Mom, Inc. with Meg Ilasco. 

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Sarah Lin Go

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