Knit Gifts!

Handmade gifts are fun to make, give, and receive. Even if you’re just a novice knitter, there are still plenty of gifts (besides scarves!) that you can make for the people in your life. Whether you want to make an adorable stuffed heart for your BFF, a button-up throw pillow for your sister, or a beanie for your brother, check out Knit It! By Melissa Leapman. Melissa walks you through the basics of knitting, and even shows you how to fix mistakes without having to take everything apart and start over. Check out the striped tie, a simple but stylish project from the book. Just pick what colors you want for your stripes and you’re ready to check another gift off your list!

Knit It - Tie Project - Blog 1

Instructions for how to knit a tie


Stephanie Wong
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