Holiday Tips from Kittens

Please join us in welcoming Francesco Marciuliano to the blog. He is the author of I Knead My Mommy, I Could Pee on This and I Could Chew on This.

It’s been a big year for the wee cats. First their book I Knead My Mommy and Other Poems by Kittens was published and landed on the New York Times Bestseller List. Then they went en masse on a radio interview tour, often gathering in groups of 60 around a single microphone to recite their poems, only to get immediately distracted and just start clawing at the filter in front of the microphone instead. And then they used their book advance to fund research on where that glint of light that momentarily flashes on the wall goes and why it doesn’t bring presents like other magical beings.

And speaking of presents, the kitten authors couldn’t be more excited for the holidays! And to make sure you make the most of a season full of good cheer in the air and Scotch gift tape on their butts, five of the book’s poets offer the following tips for humans and feline friends alike.

Kitten Holiday Tip 1



Kitten Holiday Tip 2


Kitten Holiday Tip 3 Kitten Holiday Tip 4 Kitten Holiday Tip 5

And for more four-legged insight this season and throughout the year, don’t forget I Could Pee on This and Other Poems by Cats and I Could Chew on This and Other Poems by Dogs.



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