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A Different Kind of Princess


I was never super good at being a princess. As you can see from the picture here, I lack the delicacy required of the perfect, pink princess, and clearly always have. I’m ok with this. I’m pretty good at other things, like doodling. I have strong hands. And I know kids’ books really, really well.

Interstellar Image 1

As the kind of person who was never great at princessing, I was super excited to read Interstellar Cinderella. Not because this Cinderella isn’t good at being a princess—just the opposite, she’s fabulous at it—but because it’s a story that changes what it means to be a good princess. It’s not about being pretty or delicate. Rather, this story celebrates Cinderella being competent, self-reliant and clever.

Interstellar Image 2

I like this definition much more. And I think kids will take to it, too. It reminds me of when, in my years as a bookseller, a kid once introduced me to his mom as the “Book Princess” at his school book fair. He didn’t mean I was delicate or clad in pink taffeta, as I am not and I wasn’t. He just meant competent. And that’s a definition of princess I can totally get behind.



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