Welcome to The Island

Nation: Fellow Island
Population: 5
Origin: San Francisco, 2003
Motto: “Small nation, big ideas”
Mascot: Walter the Whale

In a secluded area on the 3rd floor of the Chronicle Books office, five incredibly talented designers inhabit a land of desks fondly known as “Fellow Island.” Over the past six months of our Fellowship (more on that here) we have become a tiny but mighty nation of doers, book-lovers, and typography nerds. However, because we are separated from the rest of the designers, our days on Fellow Island can get quite lonely (insert sad face emoji). When our Design Lab mentors gave us the assignment to host a company event, we knew we wanted visitors. So Fellow Island: The Party was born.

First, we branded our “nation” creating a flag that uses five colors to represent each of the fellows. Once our identity was established, we hit the ground running, transforming the Chronicle glasses into sunglasses (see what we did there!?), making boarding pass invitations, custom postcards, handmade palm leaves, and even created some extra special photography to commemorate former inhabitants of the island.

Fellowship Airways

Now, all we had to do was convince our hardworking co-workers to leave their posts and take the elevator up to a tropical paradise. The solution? Booze. Snacks. Sea Creatures.

Drinks on Fellow Island Drinking the shark

Cocktails were served by a very nice shark with a British accent.

Postcards Whale of a whale

Walter the Whale was such a party animal!

Light decorations

Light fixtures were transformed with gorgeous paper palm leaves created by our publishing design fellow, Tonje.

Party "vintage" photographs

Putting years of Photoshop training to good use, former inhabitants of the island were showcased in their glory days.

Fellow Island Fellow Island

Brought to you by the Winter/Spring ’15 Fellows with the help of Design Lab ringleaders, Ben Laramie and Michael Carabetta. 

Jaclyn Merk
Marketing Design Fellow


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