Start Now! Q + A with Artist Kate Neckel

I am in publishing because I get to work with authors like Kate Neckel. When Kate and I first met (thanks, Daniel Greenberg!), we discovered that we were wearing the exact same matte red lipstick. It was love at first sight. Daniel just sat back and listened as we rapped about art, surfing, women, cities, and creativity. We spent three hours together and never looked back. I am proud to have helped Kate make this journal that captures the magic fairy dust of Kate Neckel for aspiring creative out there. Start Now: A Creativity Journal  is a cry to action that reminds us we have so much to share and only one lifetime to make it happen. By way of introduction, here is a little Q+A with Kate.

What inspired you to create Start Now?

My artistic journey: the struggle, the rejection, the risks. I’ve navigated through years of taking a chances and feeling uncomfortable. I know how it feels to have your mind kick in (What are you doing? What is this going to be? What if nobody likes it?) before ink hits the paper. I created these pages to help push past those moments of weirdness and to get comfortable with them. Mistakes are normal and good! And if you look closely you’ll see a few of mine (yes, I left them in).

Kate Neckel

Who is this journal for?

It’s for everyone who wants to start or needs a little bit of a push. I’ve got your back! I’ve been at this for a little while now, and the truth is: We just need to take action and start now. It might feel awkward, you’ll make some weird stuff and you’ll make some amazing stuff. But you’ll get to know yourself and that’s the important thing.

Kate Neckel

How do you think this journal will be used?

Hmmm, each person is going to have their own way of interacting with it, and I hope they feel free to do whatever they want (share pics!). #startnow

Kate Neckel

What is your favorite place to create art?

If I’m working on a book or big project then my desk is the best spot, but otherwise I draw everywhere: in cafes, at the park, on the roof.

Kate Neckel

What media did you use in these illustrations?

Micron pigma #3 pens, smooth bristol paper, and copic/prisma color markers.

Kate Neckel

How do you connect with and nurture your creative self?

I remain curious. I’ll pop into a surf shop and check out magazines or make my way to Brooklyn to hear a band. I’ll peek into a gallery, try a new restaurant, listen to a podcast. When I’m blocked, I’ll take a nap, walk around NYC, make a cup of tea, draw random shapes/lines, or talk about what I’m feeling stuck about.

Kate Neckel

Tell us how we can be our own best cheerleader.

Take it easy on yourself! Don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. You are the only one with your life and your experiences. Do your thing! Follow your instincts and ask for help when you need it.

You can follow Kate Neckel on Twitter and Instagram (@kateneckel). Share your artistic explorations using hashtags #startnowcreate and #thecreativityjournal.



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