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Southern Soups and Stews

Burgoo, etouffée, and fricassee are more than just surefire ways to stump your friends in a spelling contest. In fact, they are all  dishes as delicious as they sound, and featured (alongside countless other tasty concoctions) in Nancie McDermott’s newest cookbook, Southern Soups and Stews.

As the summer days tick by, it’s time to start brainstorming the warm, hearty meals you’ll start craving once the weather gets crisper. For example, this Chicken and Sausage Gumbo would be sure to satisfy the Cajun craving of anyone at your next potluck social.

Southern Soups- Chicken and Sausage Gumbo

 If seafood is more your jam, this Carolina Seafood Muddle is chock-full of fish, shrimp, and scallops. Southern Soups- Seafood Muddle

And don’t get me started on this Caldo Gallego, a hearty bean-based soup that boasts generous amounts of potatoes and sausage. The perfect comfort food for any night in!

Southern Soups Caldo Gallego

Southern Soups & Stews is from veteran cookbook writer Nancie McDermott (this will be her 11th culinary title to date!), who has a sincere passion for food and the stories that come with it. This collection of recipes highlights the traditional cooking in homes, faith communities, down-home cafes, and fund-raising annual gatherings from Virginia to Louisiana, offering a delicious glimpse into dishes that have been seasoned with history and passed down through generations.

When you preorder a copy of the book, you’ll receive a free PDF featuring 7 exclusive bonus recipes from Nancie. Just preorder via your favorite bookstore or online retailer and then fill out the form below (we’ll need your info to send the PDF)! Trust me, your taste buds and belly will thank you.








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