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If You Like These TV Shows, You’ll Love These Young Adult Novels

Chronicle Books is celebrating Teen Read Week™ with our friends from YALSA, the Young Adult Library Services Association. Teen Read Week encourages teens to be regular readers and library users, and we’re so down with that.

In a world filled with Snapchat, Scream Queens, and whatever is trending on YouTube, it’s hard to log off and pick up a book — so, in celebration of Teen Read Week, we’ve come up with a list of gateway novels to get teens hooked on books.

1. Are you jonesing for Game of Thrones?


via HBO

Try The Falconer by Elizabeth May:

✔ Butt-kicking lady warriors
✔ Blood oath revenge
✔ Magical kingdoms
✔ Epic quests
✔ Steamy romance

Don’t miss Book II: The Vanishing Throne coming June 2016!


2. Seduced by Sherlock?


via BBC

Try the Stoker & Holmes series:

✔ Classic literary references
✔ Crime-fighting, no-nonsense smart girls
✔ Steampunk-y goodness
✔ Espionage and mystery
❌ Benedict Cumberbatch- unfortunately not  😢

For more information check out the Stocker & Holmes website.


3. Desperate for Downton Abbey?

DA5.29897 2.JPG

via PBS

Try Always Emily by Michaela MacColl:

✔ Foggy English countryside
✔ Not-so-proper ladies in flowy dresses
✔ Sibling rivalry
✔ Murder and secret societies
✔ Handsome gents

Always Emily by Michaela MacColl

4. Pondering Pretty Little Liars?


via ABC Family

Try Absent by Katie Williams:

✔ An accidental death… or maybe not
✔ Mean girls
✔ Messages from beyond the grave
✔ High school revenge
✔ Secret romance


5. Raving about Reign?


via The CW

Try Prisoners in the Palace by Michaela MacColl:

✔ Royal intrigue
✔ Conniving conspiracy
✔ Plucky Princess
✔ Dastardly villains
✔ Affairs of the heart


6. Hot and heavy for Hemlock Grove?


via Netflix

Try A History of Glitter and Blood by Hannah Moskowitz:

✔ Bloody battles
✔ Supernatural feuds
✔ Sexy strangers
✔ War and revolution
✔ Tangled love triangles


7. Addicted to The Americans?


via FX

Try Going Over by Beth Kephart:

✔ Star-crossed lovers
✔ Daring sacrifice
✔ Communist control
✔ High-stakes secrets
✔ Totally 80s!

Going Over_FC

Now pause your TV watching for a night and reach for a book!

Featured Image: via PBS

Hannah Moushabeck

Hannah is the Associate Marketing Manager for Chronicle children's books. She is an all-round book nerd, born into a family of book nerds. She can be bribed with avocados and picture books.
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