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Using Tech for Art: Gorgeous Laser Cut Stationery by Molly M Designs

We just released artist Molly M Designs’ first stationery line, the Geometrics Journal and Notecards! Read on to get an insider view into her path to becoming an artist and her giant industrial equipment of choice. 

Molly M Geometrics cards

Q: Tell us about your journey with Molly M Designs. How did it begin, and how did it grow into what it is today?

A: The seeds of it started very early. I painted, drew, and beaded when I was a kid, and also loved computer generated art—I was using CorelDRAW in the very early days! Fast forward through many, many hours in the architecture studio at Berkeley, making tiny models with laser cut parts and working in architecture firms figuring out how it all works. Soon after you have Molly M Designs, a pattern-obsessed, geometry-driven design studio powered by Larry and Lola, my two laser cutters.

Q: You use a laser cutter to create much of your beautiful artwork. What draws you to this technique?

A: I started using the laser cutter in grad school for architecture, and basically became obsessed. I never thought that my career would be defined by a big piece of industrial equipment, but there are so many things the laser cutter can do and infinite applications I have yet to experiment with. I am always on the lookout for new materials to experiment with—currently I’m intrigued by etching on marble, stone, and concrete.

Molly M Geometrics cards

Q: You’ve done so much lovely work with jewelry, homeware, and even paper prints. What was it like working on stationery for the first time? Did you learn anything new in the process?

A: I have always wanted to do stationery but it is too labor intensive for me to do it in-house, so I was so excited to have this opportunity with Chronicle; it was fun learning about the design and production processes. I learned a lot about materials, large scale production processes, and how to achieve the best design within a strict set of parameters. It was just like being in studio again!

Sarah Lin Go

Sarah handles marketing for art books and stationery at Chronicle Books. You will often find her buying too many stationery products, cracking up about everything, and snacking on Haribo gummies.
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  • Debbie October 7, 2016 at 7:40 pm

    I was wondering where I could purchase the laser cut cards and how much they would be? I’m in Australia

    Kind regards


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